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Is there an OSHA regulation that an eyewash station must be within a specific distance from the chemical storage?


Code requires that "Eyewash stations shall be in accessible locations that remain free of obstructions to their use and require no more than 10 seconds [or a distance of no more than 100 feet] for the injured person to reach [CCR Title 8, Section 5162 (c)]."

To clarify that statement, we suggest that the 10 second or 100 foot distance should apply to the location where the chemicals are used and or mixed, not necessarily the storage location.   This is because the activity of mixing the chemical is what creates the hazard of a splash to the eyes.  Also, the injured person should have to pass through no more than one door to reach the eyewash. 

In the case of pesticides, the eyewash should be located near the area where the pesticides are mixed - the distance from the storage cabinet to the eyewash could be greater than 100 feet.  Please see EH&S Safety Note #34 for additional information on the subject of eyewash stations.

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