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Protection from Wildfire Smoke

On July 29, 2019, the California Office of Administrative Law approved an emergency standard for Protection from Wildfire Smoke. This regulation requires employers to: 

  • Identify potential exposures to harmful air quality caused by wildfire smoke
  • Communicate wildfire smoke hazards, air quality conditions, protective measures and encourage feedback
  • Train employees who are reasonably anticipated to be affected by unhealthy air quality caused by wildfire smoke
  • Control harmful exposure to outdoor workers by various methods as feasible

The following links provide a summary of the regulation and guidance on how to comply, as well as training for employees.

Links to Air Quality info

US EPA Airnow
California Air Resources Board Breathewell
Find your local air district:
  -   by ZIP code or city 
  -   by map 
US EPA Enviroflash  (can transmit daily AQI forecasts by text or email)
US Forest Service Wildland Fire Air Quality Tools

UC Wildfire Smoke Protocol

Following extensive periods of poor air quality due to wildfire smoke in fall of 2018, UC leadership convened a Systemwide Air Quality Working Group to develop recommendations on how UC campuses and other locations should respond to unhealthy air conditions caused by wildfire smoke. In October 2019, UC President Napolitano accepted the report and recommendations. The AQWG report and recommendations are attached below, along with a decision matrix that provides guidelines for responding to air quality conditions and modifying operations at UC ANR facilities and programs.

Systemwide AQWG Report
Systemwide AQWG matrix - ANR version


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