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COVID-19 Vaccines

Vaccine Information

UC Health Information about COVID-19 vaccines (links to fact sheets and other campus resources)
UC update on vaccine progress and policy (2/9/2021)
ANR Update concerning COVID-19 Vaccine (1/14/2021)
ANR Vaccine FAQ
UC Policy: SARS-CoV2 Vaccination Program Participation
UC COVID-19 Vaccination FAQs (01/29/2021)
Vaccine Messaging (PowerPoint download)

As counties prioritize vaccines for people who are working in agriculture, education, or other critical sectors, some UC ANR employees may be eligible to receive the vaccine, based on their employment status and the relative risk of exposure from their job. 

Proof of Employment / Critical Employees

If an employee needs to provide proof of employment to document their status for receiving a vaccine, this can be done in UCPath. Employees can login to UC Path and go to this link: 


Then, look for the blue bar near the bottom of the page that says “Generate Summary Report.” Click on that bar to generate your unique Verification of Employment.

Additionally, we have provided unit directors (county, REC, statewide programs) with a template letter that can be issued to document that an employee is part of a critical sector and may be eligible to receive the vaccine under current guidelines. Check with your director if you believe this applies to you.