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Emergency Response Team

UC ANR's response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been guided by the Emergency Response Team (ERT), which consists of senior leaders and others with various expertise to plan and support UC ANR staff and programs as we navigate this unprecedented time. The members of the ERT are:

Mark Bell
Title: Vice Provost of Strategic Initiatives and Statewide Programs
Phone: (530) 750-1288
Email: mozbell@ucanr.edu
Bethanie Brown
Title: Director, Human Resources
Phone: (530) 750-1316
Email: brbbrown@ucanr.edu
Kathy Eftekhari
Title: Chief of Staff
Phone: 510-987-0980
Email: kathy.eftekhari@ucop.edu
Linda Forbes
Title: Director of Strategic Communications
Phone: 530-750-1204
Email: lforbes@ucanr.edu
John Fox
Title: Executive Director Human Resources
Phone: 530-750-1343
Email: jsafox@ucanr.edu
Glenda Humiston
Title: Vice President
Phone: 510-987-0716
Email: glenda.humiston@ucop.edu
Mark Lagrimini
Title: Vice Provost of Research and Extension
Phone: 530-750-1369
Email: mlagrimini@ucanr.edu
Sree Mada
Title: Chief Information Officer
Phone: 530-750-1300
Email: smada@ucanr.edu
Jake McGuire
Title: Controller
Phone: (510) 987-9052
Email: jake.mcguire@ucop.edu
Brian A. Oatman
Title: Director, Risk & Safety Services
Phone: (530) 750-1264
Email: baoatman@ucanr.edu
Dr Wendy Powers
Title: Associate Vice President, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Phone: 510-987-9033
Email: wendy.powers@ucop.edu
Bart Sapeta
Title: Director, Facilities Planning and Management
Email: bksapeta@ucanr.edu
Tu Tran
Title: Associate Vice President - Business Operations
Phone: 510-987-0022
Email: tu.tran@ucop.edu