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Ergonomic Assessment

In an effort to help reduce ergonomic related injuries for our employees we offer a variety of ergonomic assessments. Below you will see instruction on how to access the iSEAT the self-evaluation and training tool. We also have instructions further down on how to request an ergonomic assessment from EH&S.



The Ergo iSEAT is an interactive Self Evaluation And Training program focused on office ergonomics. The online program is hosted by Omega Health Systems, and allows us to identify your risks, automate injury prevention activities, and track and analyze your results. Below are instructions for accessing the system. 

To access the iSEAT program please Click Here
Follow the following instructions to access the training.

  1. On the ‘Course login’ screen, please enter your UC Empoyee ID number and your Last name and select Submit.
    WSP 1
  2. Please verify (and update as necessary) your personal details on the ‘Personal Details’ screen and select Submit.
    WSP 2
  3. Please select the first option ‘(1) Ergonomic Training’ located in the ‘Status Panel’ on the upper right side of your page. From this point on, the onscreen instructions will guide you on completing the training and the ‘Ergonomic Self-Assessment’.


If you feel that you need additional help or an on-site assessment, please complete the survey below.

Instructions: Use this form to request an Ergonomic Evaluation. All fields are required to be completed. This service is available to employees only.

When you are using a computer, what percent of your workload:

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