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Testing Resources Guide

Testing is widely available in all parts of California, but the providers, locations, and schedules will vary with each county and community. Here are some tips and links to help you find testing near you.

Please note: beginning September 1, 2021, any employees who are not fully vaccinated will be required to be tested for COVID-19 at least once every 7 days, and report their results as part of their Clearance to Work Survey. This is required to comply with the UC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Policy. See the COVID-19 Vaccines webpage for more information about this policy and its implementation at UC ANR.

Options to find Testing

Option 1

Please follow our step-by-step instructions (7 Steps with photos), which will provide guidance on how to find a local COVID-19 testing site for our employees.


Option 2

Please use any of the links listed below, which will guide you to find a local COVID-19 testing site.

Find a COVID-19 Testing Site (Map-based locator for CA)

How to Get Tested (CA Dept. of Public Health)

Find a Health Center (US Health & Human Services)

COVID-19 Test Site Finder (Anthem Health)

Find a Test Site Near You (NY State website)

At-Home Testing

Self-administered, at-home testing may be an option for quick results, when laboratory tests are unavailable or delayed, or to assess symptoms or possible exposure. Please review this Self-Testing Guidance .