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COVID-19 Travel Guidance

UC ANR Travel Guidance (revised May 24, 2022)

UC guidelines require all UC travelers to follow CDC travel guidance. This may include prohibiting travel to some destinations, testing before or after travel, and quarantining before and/or after travel, depending on the itinerary and traveler's vaccination status. Travelers must refer to the current CDC travel guidance and plan their travel and return to comply with CDC, U.S. State Department guidance, or state travel advisories.

Travelers should consult with their supervisor to ensure that business travel is approved. ANR employees traveling on business are expected to follow the CDC Travel Guidance and CDPH Travel Recommendations, which are summarized below. 

When considering domestic travel, an employee and supervisor should consider the following:

  • urgency or necessity of work-related travel;
  • employee’s personal health condition and risk factors;
  • current community spread of COVID-19 and activity restrictions at the destination location;
  • mode of travel and relative risk of activities during travel; and
  • the possibility that the employee may need to quarantine before or after the trip.

If you travel out of state for work or personal reasons, and the guidance advises you to quarantine, you should plan and prepare in advance to self-quarantine and get tested upon your return. When planning your travel and quarantine, consider whether your work responsibilities or tasks can be completed from home. Discuss with your supervisor in advance how to complete your job functions from home for the quarantine period, if it will extend beyond your personal leave. You can find more information about remote work resources and COVID-19 leaves on our websites.

This guidance is not meant to preclude travel by employees whose normal work area spans multiple counties, but employees should exercise caution when working in different communities, which may have different risk levels or different health protocols.

Local/Regional Travel: Employees must monitor themselves for symptoms before using or riding in a UC or County vehicle.
If employees have symptoms, illness, or recent exposures, they should use the using the UC ANR COVID Screening Report survey and follow the guidance provided. Employees must follow the current CDPH and local health department recommendations regarding face coverings while sharing vehicles for work-related transportation. Use the latest UC ANR Mask Protocol to keep awareness of current mask requirements. See UC ANR Vehicle Safety Protocols (revised 5/10/2022) for more information about vehicle safety during COVID-19.

Register Your Trip: As always, UC ANR travelers should register their out of state business travel with UC’s travel insurance and trip intelligence program, UC Away. See our Business Travel page for more travel safety information and links.