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Lab Safety Training

UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals Training

To be in substantial compliance with the UC Regents Agreement (Case No. BA392069) paragraphs 3.1 and 5.1, Cal/OSHA, and UC policies, training must be completed as follows:

  1. Laboratory Safety Orientation (fundamentals)
    • For UC employees with an UC Davis login please follow these steps
      • go to lms.ucdavis.edu
      • Search for training by typing "UC laboratory" in the search bar
      • Click on "UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals" to access and start the course
    • For UC Riverside employees click here
    • For employees without a UC Log in click here
  2. Laboratory-Specific training
    • This includes, but not limited to, IIPP training, location emergency action, and fire prevention plan. In some cases this will include biosafety training or radiation training depending on the work in the laboratory.
  3. Additional courses per a training needs assessment
    • This consist of laboeratory SOP, PPE being used, and safe use and storage of chemicals in the laboratory
  4. Documentation
    • Finally all training needs to be documented. If its not in writing it did not happen.