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Required Workplace Postings

Workplace Postings and Notices

In California, all employers must meet specified workplace posting requirements. The California Department of Industrial Relations, other State and Federal agencies, and the University of California have notices that employers are obligated to post in a 'conspicuous' place where employees readily have access to see/read them.

Workplace postings/notices are usually available at no cost from the requiring agency and can be downloaded online in a variety of languages. UC ANR EH&S will not be supplying ANR locations with an all-in-one CA Labor Law Poster this calendar year.

The guidance below will help ANR locations in meeting their posting requirements.

How to Access the Documents Required:

ANR locations can choose from one of the following options:

- Purchase an all-in-one Labor Law Poster from the California Chamber of Commerce or your choice of supplier.

- Print/download free PDF versions of the required documents using the 'Links to Required Postings' chart provided below.

- What to fill-in: click here for what information needs to be handwritten. Also, a list of additional UC notices required to post.

How to Meet the Posting Requirements:

Generally, postings must be displayed in a 'conspicuous' place where they are easily visible to the intended audience. Traditionally, an employee notice area such as a bulletin board or mail-room/break-room wall has been considered an appropriate posting area. When posting, each employer shall take steps to insure that such notices are not altered, defaced or covered by other material.

*Note: ANR does not recommend using a binder to consolidate postings. The CA Dept. of Industrial Relations, in response to frequently asked questions, had stated: it is legal to put postings in a binder if you don't have room to post materials, under special circumstances. ANR EH&S does not assume 'special circumstance' applies to ANR as office work locations have ample room for postings. Additionally, any 'special circumstance' that may apply to "Department of Industrial Relations" postings does not apply universally to all other notices that are required to be visual/posted by Federal agencies and/or the University of California.