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Can you please give me more info about the Be Smart About Safety grants? I would like to know the deadline and the details please.


The Be Smart About Safety program makes funding available to each ANR location for purchase of safety-related equipment or training.  BSAS funds can be used for purchases or training that will improve safety and reduce the frequency and severity of injuries in your workplace.  BSAS is not intended to supplement department budgets or to fund routine purchase of safety supplies that are required by regulation.  Within ANR, the EH&S office is administering this program. Each ANR location (CE office, REC, or Statewide Program) may request BSAS funding for their location-specific needs.  ANR EH&S will issue a call for project proposals in the Fall of 2010, with requests due by the March or April 2011.  The application forms, deadlines and other details will be provided with the call for projects this fall.


EH&S will review applications for compliance with UCOP Risk Services program requirements and based on this review and will approve funding requests.  Once your project is approved, we will contact you to provide account information and you can initiate the purchase or other expenditure.


If you have ideas for BSAS projects that would appeal to all or most ANR locations –such as purchase of training videos or CPR training – please let me know and we will consider seeking funding separately for such shared projects.  For additional information on the BSAS program or to request a funding application, please contact:  Brian Oatman, EH&S Manager, at (530) 752-6024 or


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