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Resuming In-Person Activity

Operating Standards and Plans

Modified COVID-19 Safety Standards, Addendum #3   (10/05/2020)
Modified COVID-19 Safety Standards, Addendum #2   (08/27/2020)
Modified COVID-19 Safety Standards, Addendum #1   (7/16/2020)
UC ANR COVID-19 Safety Standards for Resuming In-Person Activity
UC ANR Location Safety Plan for Resuming In-Person Activity   (revised 11/06/2020)
Safety Plan Review/Submission Survey

Resource links and documents for ANR Safety Plans
County Public Health COVID-19 links
Map of statewide COVID-19 testing sites
Daily Contact Log
Daily Attendance and Visitor Log (revised 07/27/2020)
In-Person Employee Roster (revised 06/15/2020)
ANR Employee Clearance to Work Survey (revised 2/1/2021)
ANR Clearance to Work Survey (Spanish translation) (revised 2/1/2021)
ANR Visitor Clearance Survey (2/1/2021)
Visitor Clearance Survey Instructions (07/27/2020)
Sample Building Operations Readiness Matrix
Reporting a COVID-19 Positive Test or Exposure
UC ANR Quarantine, Isolation and Return to Work Guidance (revised 12/14/2020)
Cloth face coverings note (04/06/2020)
How to make a face mask

Posters and communication tools
COVID-19_message (12/09/2020)
ANR 5 Safety Protocols sign (10/05/2020)
ANR 5 Safety Protocols sign (alternate) (03/19/2021)
UC COVID-19 Training and Information Resources
UC COVID-19 Response Poster 
CDC Stop the Spread of Germs
CDC Stay Home if You are Sick
CDC What You Can do if You are at Higher Risk
Other CDC COVID-19 Posters

Training information for employees, volunteers or other stakeholders

UC Online COVID-19 Prevention Training 

click on “Training Materials”
enter name, email, and under “University or Institution” enter UC ANR
Go through the training and complete the test. On the test, select “Agriculture & Natural Resources” for your campus or location, so we have a record of your completion.

UC ANR COVID-19 Awareness (revised 08/24/2020) (en Espanol)
UC ANR COVID-19 Safety Standards (revised 10/05/2020) (en Espanol)
UC ANR COVID-19 Stage 2 Readiness Snapshot
Employee training documentation survey

Additional guidance for 4-H staff and volunteers
Additional guidance for Master Gardener Volunteers
Additional guidance for Nutrition Education Program