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UC Ready is a system-wide business continuity planning program that seeks to minimize operation disruptions and to recover and restore critical functions as soon as possible.  The UC Ready continuity tool is an on-line program that allows all departments to easily produce a continuity plan that identifies both strategies for coping with events when they occur and preparations that can be done in advance.

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As a UC-affiliated organization, Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) and its stakeholders are now better able to meet the challenges of resuming business operations after a major event occurs with UC Ready.  The focus of this unique on-line planning tool is on continuity planning at a basic departmental/unit level.  The goal is to create a disaster-resilient organization with effective crisis and consequence management through continuity planning.  Continuity plans for ANR REC’s are currently being developed and all units are being asked to participate in this UC system-wide effort.  If ANR is better prepared to handle everyday events then we and our stakeholders will be ready to face the unpredictable.

The plan can also include emergency preparedness documents, evacuation plans, contact lists, and process documents, all to help you ensure safety, smooth communication, and continuity of operations with your staff and stakeholders.  Every UC Ready continuity plan also includes "action items", which make up an essential "to do" list of things that can be done, starting now, to make your unit more prepared.

How to start a plan:

It’s easy, just contact us and soon your unit will be on its way to being better prepared.

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