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Reporting an Injury

  • Ensure that the employee gets first aid or professional medical care as needed.
  • Contact the appropriate administrative office as described below.
  • If directed by the Workers' Compensation office, provide the employee with an Employee’s Claim Form (DWC 1 Rev. 1/94).  Follow Workers' Compensation office instructions for completing and returning the Employee Claim Form.
  • Submit all required forms to the Staff Personnel Unit, UC Davis Workers’ Compensation (or UCOP Workers’ Compensation office), and maintain a copy for the employee file.

To report SERIOUS work-related injuries or illnesses – see Safety Note # 76.

To report incidents other than work-related injuries - such as theft, property damage, injuries to non-employees, or auto accidents of any nature, see the ANR Risk Services Incident Report form at:

If you have any questions about reporting an injury, please send a message to ask EH&S or call Brian Oatman at (530) 750-1264.

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