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Reporting an Injury

  • Ensure that the employee gets first aid or professional medical care as needed.
  • Contact the appropriate administrative office as described below.
  • Report the injury, preferably within 24 hours, using one of the following methods (online reporting is preferred):
      1. Online Report: Injuries may be reported using the Injury and Illness Report (IIR) using the Risk & Safety Solutions application platform. The employee or other staff members may access the Employee Injury/Illness report at: https://app.riskandsafety.com/incident/.
        Note: to login use your University of California, ANR email, ___@ucanr.edu. (do not a use a uc davis email/passphrase). Ensure the heading at top of the reporting page reads University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources.
        Once the report is submitted, an email will be sent to the assigned supervisor, who will be prompted to complete additional information. Notification of the report will also go to EH&S and/or the UC ANR Staff Personnel Unit. 
      2. Paper form: Injuries may be reported to the Staff Personnel Unit (including Academic personnel) using a paper form (online/paperless reporting is preferred).
        Use/complete the UC Davis Employers Report of Occupational Injury or Illness  form and email it to: anrstaffpersonnel@ucanr.edu or fax to (530) 756-1180.
        For additional help with the form, consult the Employers Report Instructions  or Employers Report Example .
    • ANR Employees Paid by UCOP – Most Franklin/Oakland-based ANR staff have been converted to ANR payroll and would report as described above. If you knowingly are UCOP paid/payroll, then injuries are reported to UCOP Human Resources. For detailed instructions: Click Here
  • Billing Information: If the clinic or hospital requires insurance billing information before they will provide treatment, use the information provided here
  • After normal business hours, if the treating clinic needs insurance or claims information, call 1-877-682-7778 to report the injury and get the claims process started.
  • If directed by the Workers' Compensation office, provide the employee with an Employee’s Claim Form (DWC 1 Rev. 1/94).  Follow Workers' Compensation office instructions for completing and returning the Employee Claim Form.
  • Submit all required forms to the Staff Personnel Unit, UC Davis Workers’ Compensation (or UCOP Workers’ Compensation office), and maintain a copy for the employee file.

Safety Note 184 Workers Comp Claims describes the workers' compensation process and what units/representatives are involved. Those reporting an injury can benefit from this guidance.

Safety Note 123 Reporting An Employee Injury or Illness summarizes the employee injury reporting process.

To report SERIOUS work-related injuries or illnesses – see Safety Note # 76.

To report Incidents (and non-employee injuries) - such as theft, property damage, injuries to non-employees (volunteers or program participants), or auto accidents of any nature, see/use the ANR Risk Services Incident Report form

If you have any questions about reporting an injury, please send a message to ask EH&S or call Brian Oatman at (530) 750-1264.

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