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Respirator FAQ

Who is responsible for the cost of the respirator?

Your department is responsible for the cost of any personal protective equipment (PPE) that is required for your job.  In most cases where a respirator is required, a half mask air-purifying respirator (APR) is the appropriate PPE.  UC will provide a respirator that has been fitted to you during the annual fit test.

Although ANR-EH&S only issues half-mask air-purifying respirators, Centers and Extension offices may choose to accommodate employees by issuing other types of respirators including full-face and loose fitting powered air-purifying respirators.

Who is responsible for the cost of the medical evaluation?

A medical evaluation is required for any employee who is required to wear a respirator for their job.  The cost of your medical evaluation is to be paid by your employer (department).  Do not use your personal medical doctor for the respirator medical evaluation.

Who sees my medical questionnaire?

The information you provide on the Medical Evaluation Questionnaire is considered private medical information and will only be seen by medical personnel (such as doctors or nurses) who review the questionnaire to determine if there is any medical reason why you should not wear a respirator.  Only the Medical Recommendation Form is returned to your employer, stating whether or not you are allowed to wear a respirator and if there are any restrictions to your use of a respirator.

How can I get my medical medical evaluation?

Locations can use a local occupational health clinic (i.e. Job Care) or the UC Davis Occupational Health office, which will not charge, to obtain a respirator medical evaluation.

Instructions for obtaining a respirator clearance through UC Davis Occupational Health Clinic:

  1. Download and complete a Request for Services form and a Respirator Questionnaire form. The respirator user should retain copies of these forms until they receive their respirator clearance from the doctor.
    1. A recharge number and signature of supervisor or manager (as authorizing party) is required on the request for service form. There is no charge for review of respirator questionnaires or occupational health services. 
    2. The completed respirator questionnaire contains confidential medical information. This form must be completed and submitted directly to the doctor by the respirator user and should NOT be maintained in departmental files.

  2. Submit the completed forms to the UC Davis Occupational Health Clinic via FAX (530) 752-5277 or email (employeehealth@ucdavis.edu) or by mailing the forms to: UC Davis Occupational Health Clinic, One Shields Ave, Davis, CA 95616.
    1. The doctor will review the questionnaire and respond by providing a written clearance document or request for in-person evaluation. The doctor's response will be mailed to the postal address provided on the respirator clearance form. 

  3. The written clearance document received from the doctor should be retained by the department and the employee. This written clearance is required for all respirator users.
    1. If the written response from the doctor indicates that the employee must have an in-person evaluation, the employee must make an appointment to see the UC Davis Occupational Health Physician or complete the process with an alternate occupational health provider. 

How often is a fit test required?

You must be fit tested annually as per California Code of Regulations (CCR)

When do I need to discard a cartridges/filter?

The UC ANR policy is at end of day.

Can I mix-and-match different brands of cartridges and respirators?

Only same brand cartridges and filters can be used with the respirator. Do not cross brand any parts of the respirator. Respirators will not provide respiratory protection if parts are of a different brand. Interchanging different brand parts is against OSHA regulations and illegal.

For more Information please read the following safety notes: