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COVID-19 Vaccines

Vaccine Information

As of May 2022, all Californians aged 5 or over are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and are recommended for a booster, if it has been at least 5 months since their primary vaccine series. To make an appointment to get the vaccine, visit https://myturn.ca.gov/ or https://vaccinefinder.org/ or your local health department website to find a provider and make an appointment.

Covid vaccine

For more information about vaccines, see


Vaccine Breakthroughs and Variants
CDC guidance to health departments
Worried About Breakthrough COVID Cases? Here's What To Know

More on why vaccination is safe and important:

  • Sadly, Jan. 21, 2021 was the day when the COVID death toll in the U.S. reached, and then exceeded, the 405,399 Americans who died in World War II.
  • By May 2022, the U.S. death toll has topped 1 million since the start of the pandemic.
  • Even though there have been many "breakthrough" cases, with vaccinated people contracting COVID-19, a breakthrough infection is less likely to have serious illness with COVID-19 than those who are unvaccinated. 
  • Over 220 million Americans and 28 million Californians are fully vaccinated. See the CDC COVID data tracker and CDPH Statewide vaccination data for latest data.

Vaccination Records

Get your Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record
Step by Step Instructions

Lost your Vaccine Card?

If you misplaced your vaccine record card, use these methods to request a replacement card:

Call: 800.578.7889
Web: California Statewide Immunization Information System
Email: CAIRHelpdesk@cdph.ca.gov